WALMART SAVINGS FOR TOP BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Have you ever been watching TV and see products you want to try and for some reason or another you keep forgetting to purchase them.  Well, we are guilty of this and took care of a few items on our hit list. These items range from skincare, haircare to makeup. The best part is that they all were purchased for great prices at WallyWorld aka Walmart.

Here are the five items and our opinion if its a friend of foe:

WET & WILD SMOOCH PROOF LIP STAIN in 498 Berry Long Time : It is a bit dark, but overall it does stain nicely. Especially for the price! Since this was the cheapest item, being less than $2.00, we are on the fence about if it would make it on our repurchase list.

MAYBELLINE NEW YORK COLOR ELIXIR COLORSENSATIONAL in 515 (Opalescent Orchid): This was the biggest disappointment, because even with layering the amount of pigment deposited on the lips is nothing compared to the what they show in the advertisements. The results improve when you layer the lipgloss with a chubby stick or lip stain.

CETAPHIL CLEANSING FACIAL WIPES: Love! Love! Love! These are great for all purpose carrying around in your purse. To freshen up during the day. For travel and the most obvious use, which is makeup removal. Two big thumbs up for the scent & effectiveness of this product!

COVERGIRL LASH BLAST in FUSION: In comparison to other brands, this drugstore brand definitely held its own in making my lashes looks wonderful. Like any other mascara, for best results, put on a few coats. There are different types of mascaras to fit your needs such as definition, length & volume.

HUMCO CASTOR OIL: There was a Castor Oil Challenge going on for natural hair gals, which states if you use castor oil in your hair it will help your hair grow. We are not quite sure about the hair growth part, because we couldn’t get past how the castor oil weighed down the curls. We no likey!

For those who do not want to use castor oil in their hair we found 28 Beauty Ways to Use Castor Oil and you may be shocked by some of the uses for this oil. From cuticle repair to increasing your eyebrow hair.

Again, all of these items can be found at Walmart or your local drugstore. We will post some of the results on our Instagram page today. Follow us at @TheBestyList. Out of the five items, only two would be repurchased due to their effectiveness.

What is your take on these five products? Did you have a different result? Let us know in the comments below.

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