imageEASY STEPS TO CRUELTY FREE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Hey hey!  As excited as I was to go through my entire inventory and toss everything I had to show some restraint. You don’t want to be too passionate and purge every single item unless you have the dollars to replenish everything in one expensive swap. It’s all bout strategy & tact.

Before I get into how I transitioned, let me explain the WHY? I started on this journey when I stumbled into making ALL NATURAL Foot Care products.  The more I learned and studied about this truly astonishing tradecraft, I realized the power of the right ingredients. On the other side of the coin, I realized ingredients I didn’t want near my daughter. The irony of it all is that many of those very ingredients, I was putting on my face DAILY. This invoke change.

FACT: I have invested thousands of dollars in lotions, shampoos, conditioners, facial serums, facial  masks, nail polishes, makeup, etc. You get the point. To simply throw all of these things away is crazy difficult. It is technically throwing away money.  It’s a necessary evil that needs to be practical and economical.

Here are the steps I took to transition to AOV. These step are what was best for my budget & lifestyle. This is an ongoing process for me with an overall goal to be 100% AOV, but this is not just buying product. It’s a lifestyle change.


  1. BE A CHESS PLAYER: I was cautious of items I tossed until I found the right AOV replacement. It’s all about working towards the big picture and making every move strategic and meaningful.
  2. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: I had to realize the results from the non-AOV products maybe different, but that’s ok. Meaning, how my makeup looks with my non-AOV brands may not be my same results. Go into this transition with no expectations or comparisons. Also, tossing product was cleansing because we all tend to keep too much stuff.  Less is truly more. Quality over quantity.
  3. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. You will be surprised of brands that have AOV products like E.L.F. and Too Faced.
    1. AOV brands you might already be using
    2. AOV brands of interest
    3. Harmful chemicals (common & scientific names)
  4. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: AOV products tend to cost more money, because of the silly reasons… Better products, better ingredients, environmentally friendly, toxin-free, cruelty free. I guess I can live with that! <hehehe, insert sarcasm here.>
  5. DISPOSAL OF DEAL BREAKERS: The products that have “deal breaker” ingredients such as petroleum, parabens and mineral oil. Other ingredients that must go are Siloxanes, Talc, BHA/BHT, DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, methenamine and quarternium-15, Tricolsan.

Again, these were my steps to start my AOV journey. It is pretty exciting to  be in more control of what I put on my skin.  Part of me wishes I started this journey sooner, but perhaps I am exactly where I need to be at the right time. Where are you on your journey?

Be sure to follow on Instagram @LondonAuNaturale for more pics of the transition.


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