5 WAYS TO FEEL MORE BEAUTIFUL NATURALLY. We love to share our favorite ingredients that make the best beauty hacks. So far, we have talked about honey, baking soda and green tea. We have plenty more where those came from. But, before we forget, here are a few random beauty hacks that are absolutely fantastic in making your life easier, healthier and overall better!
1. EvoraPlus Probiotic: You are probably not even going to continue reading this because you automatically assuming I am talking about digestion or something. NOPE! You’re wrong. These pills are a simple way to whiten your teeth. Yup….without the sensitivity issue. Whitens teeth, freshens breath naturally by taking one pill a day. The bacteria in the pills release continuous low doses of hydrogen peroxide, which in turn whitens your teeth. The only drawback is it takes about 30 days to make teeth 4 shades whiter.
2. Pineapple & Lemon: Pour a ration of 1:1 in pineapple juice and lemon juice and drink this sweet tangy concoction. It is not a cocktail, but a remedy to naturally lighten your menstrual flow. It’s a taboo subject to talk about, but an evil necessary to alleviate discomfort naturally. Find out about a natural feminine product that is a girl’s best friend. <insert link>
3. Ice, Ice…: Baby, here is a great tip that is pretty much free! Ice facials are super wonderful and easy. After washing your face. Fill a large bowl with water and ice cubes. Then scoop up the chilled water with ice and put on your face. Repeat about 5 times. Pat face dry and continue with your facial regimen. For spot treatment, you can make some recipes and free them in ice trays, like green tea & chamomile, rose water, cucumber & mint or rosemary & lemon. Benefits: Depuffs, Reduces wrinkles, Creates a glow, Smooths skin, Invigorates & tightens skin and Eases redness. The combinations and possibilities are limitless, so have fun!
4. One Potato, Two Potato: Do you suffer from dark spots or uneven skin tone? Some places can be your knees, elbows, under your arms, bikini area, back of the neck. Who needs laser treatments or smelly chemical skin brightening creams. A natural way to lighten your skin is by cutting a raw potato in half and rubbing the potato under your arms. Potatoes have an enzyme called catecholase, which is a natural skin brightener. Apply slice to skin and let it dry, then rinse off. Do this 3 times a week for best results. Be sure to follow up with a moisturizer like Almond Oil, which aids in even skin tone.
5. Elmer’s Natural School Glue: It’s a good thing they came up with a natural formula. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate  the process of removing glitter polish. Instead of using a nail polish base coat, simply apply the glue to your nail and allow to dry. After this you can apply your sparkly or glitter nail polish. After about a week when it’s time to remove the polish, it will peel off with ease!
With the Spring here, we all want to feel a little better. These five random hacks will save you some dollars and headache when taking care of the smallest and biggest of issues. Do you have any random beauty hacks? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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