Beat Summer Heat

Holy smokes! This heat wave sweeping our nation has no signs of ending. Don’t fret! We are here to help you keep your cool and beat the heat. We all know to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. But what if there were faster ways to cool off? The best and fastest way to cool down is by using one of your quick cooling spots. Here are three very practical and simple ways you can beat the heat on-the-go, at home or on a splurge!


This is a spot that you can utilize to bring your body temperature down, which is typically any place you can feel your pulse. There are several pulse points on your body: forehead, back of neck, crease of your arm, wrists, inner thigh, back of your leg and your feet.



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Lewis & Clark Iceman Ice Scarf ($9.99)

Most of us are commuters that feel the heat throughout the day. The Ice Scarf allows you to cool yourself when you need it the most. All you need is some water to activate the cooling effect of this handy scarf. Simply tie it around one of your many quick cooling spots such as your neck, forehead or wrist.


Foot Soak Bundle

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London’s Pedisoaks ($15.00)

Most people don’t think of soaking our feet during the Summer, but cold soaks reap a ton of benefits! You will feel energized, cooled and refreshed. If you add one of London’s Pedisoaks foot soaks then that’s icing on the cake!  Your feet are a major quick cooling spot, which can quickly cool down your entire body. Simple fill a foot pan with cool to cold water, toss in a soak, watch the fizz and soak your tootsies. The best part is that you will still have moisturized and exfoliated feet no matter the water temperature.



Thrive CryoStudio ($40.00)

Have you heard of Cryotherapy? Basically, a holistic wellness solution that exposes the body to extremely low temperatures (-240 degrees Fahrenheit). There are tons of benefits. Some of the benefits we were interested in are…

  • aids in migraine relief
  • relieves pain
  • reduces appearance of cellulite
  • boosts natural endorphins
  • overall refreshes and energizes

This is an amazing way to instantly cool down and feel like a million bucks!  If you live in the DC, VA, MD area, definitely check our Thrive CryStudio located in Rockville, MD.  Currently, they have a $40 for 2 session special and very reasonably priced packages.

There you have it! Three simple, practical and effective ways to cool down and reap some benefits! How are you staying cool these days?

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