NATURAL BEAUTY & SKINCARE MUST HAVES. I was talking with a 20-somethinger last week about skincare and it was shocking how clueless she was about the importance of being proactive to aging skin. She didn’t understand why I spent so much money on my skincare products versus clothing, handbags and shoes. Eventually, I gave up and said to her, “Talk to me in five years”. I am a big advocate of using quality facial care products, especially being a 30-somethinger.

Here are few gamechangers that may be a splurge, but will evolve your skin… This is skin evolution.


ONE LOVE ORGANICS Vitamin C Serum ($75.00)

The first thing I instantly noticed about this product is it doesn’t have a scent. Looooove this! I apply this serum to my face every night and when I feel like my face is thirsty. My skin looks terrific! This serum brightens & makes my skin look youthful. Important tip: Quality vitamin C products should be stored in dark containers to protect the product.

ONE LOVE ORGANICS Vitamin E Eye Balm ($49.00)

I am a big fan of OLO products, and if I had to chose my favorite… I would chose this product hands down! This eye balm is nourishing and moisturizing to the most delicate skin on your face. Before I started using this product, I used a conventional eye serum that was nice, but I still experienced under eye creasing in my makeup. Now, with this balm, my eye makeup no longer creases. Yes, you read this correctly. I am super happy with this result! I have noticed my under eye dark circles look better. I have been using this product for a few months. I love this balm!

KJAER WEISS Foundation – Delicate ($68.00)

If you are all about luxury + eco-friendly + all natural, you have found the perfect match. Kjaer Weiss makes organic makeup that is simply divine. First and foremost, the metallic makeup cases are reusable/refillable. The foundation is light and airy. It’s best to apply the product with a warm finger and then blend with a damp beauty blender. It was a bit difficult to do a color match, but the return policy is quite flexible. The refill is only $40.00. Two super thumbs up!

KJAER WEISS Mascara ($38.00)

The silver streamline packaging makes you feel like you are a James Bond Femme Fatale! The mascara goes on with ease and lots of definition. Kjaer Weiss only supplies you with 3 months worth of mascara to prevent bacteria build up. The refill is only $20.00. The mascara doesn’t smudge and comes off with regular eye makeup remover. The only small issue is there is a slight floral scent to the mascara.  Overall, looooove this stuff!

LONDON’S PEDISOAKS Pamper Me Trio ($25.00)

We are all about making your skin perfect from head to toe! This trio is skin quenching for your feet. The foot polish is the perfect way to start your day or finish your night! You can easily exfoliate your feet and smooth out callus heels or rough skin. It rinses away leaving your feet moisturized and silky smooth. The foot masque detoxifies and moisturizes, which you apply to you top and base of your feet. After rinsing off the masque, the foot butter seals in all of the delicious moisture and yumminess! Two big toes up!

MOODY SISTERS Pore Refining Facial Scrub – Cucumber & Mint ($24.00)

Speaking of exfoliating… By now, you know of my obsession with all things exfoliation! Since moving to an all natural regimen, I haven’t found a facial scrub that makes me do a little song & dance. Well, the search is over! I received this with a gift from my beau. It was a gift w/purchase sample pack. This stuff is ammmmmmmazeballs. This scrub is the perfect consistency and the best part is as you work it into your face, it gently melts away and foams up!!! It rinses away without any residue and smells very lovely. Yes please, can I have some more! ***Not pictured, it was a sample.***

MOODY SISTERS Dead Sea Mud Mask ($22.00)

Creamy, smooth and chocolate. These are the three words that jump into my mind about this mask. I have only used it on my face, but will try it on my body in the days to come. It smells so good you are tempted to eat it. The secret is to not let it dry 100% and rinse away with a washcloth. I made the mistake of rinsing away with only my hands and it leaves a bit of residue. My skin glows after each use. Two big thumbs up!

There are a few things in life that are splurge worthy. Your skincare is definitely worth the SPLURGE, but I like to think of it as an investment. When you can pronounce the ingredients and understand exactly what you are putting on your skin, the price usually is reflected, so think of it as an amazing treat for your skin! All of these products are produced by stellar companies, which most (except Kjaer Weiss) are AMERICAN MADE!

Have you tried any of these brands? What’s your opinion?

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